Coffee Brew 4/8/23
Origami dripper using Kailta 155 filter paper. 15g coffee to 245g of 93c water. 210g yield. Shot on Ricoh GRIIIEdited on Darkroom+ Tumblr @AureliuzRexInstagram @AureliuzRexTwitter @AureliuzRex
Simple AeroPress Recipe by: AureliuzRex
Standard and Inverted methods (I usually use Inverted) Standard Method: 13g of medium fine coffee 225g of 93c boiled water 2 AeroPress filter papers 1. 13g of coffee into AeroPress. 2. Start timer. 3. Pour 225g of water into AeroPress. 4. Stir 5 times with included stir stick or 10
Torch Mountain Dripper Review
I have had an eye on the Mountain Dripper by Torch for a few weeks now. It seemed like a fun and interesting dripper to try out. I decided to give it a go and picked it up about a week ago. I have made over 20 cups of coffee
Pitchii Carafe 600ml Review
I bought the Pitchii Carafe from They have an assortment of carafes available but I went for the Pitchii because It is the carafe they personally use in their store for their brews. That made my decision easy. Going for the product that any store is using themselves
Origami Coffee Dripper Review
I have been using the Origami (M) Coffee dripper for a little over 2 weeks now. Prior to the Origami, I was using the Hario V60 02 and the Kalita Wave 185. Since getting and trying out the Origami Dripper it has become my daily driver coffee maker. Shot and