Pitchii Carafe 600ml Review

Pitchii Carafe 600ml Review

I bought the Pitchii Carafe from RogueWaveCoffee.com. They have an assortment of carafes available but I went for the Pitchii because It is the carafe they personally use in their store for their brews. That made my decision easy. Going for the product that any store is using themselves is always a safe bet.

Now I can say with ease that this was a good bet. When I first got the carafe I thought it was quite small. In hand, it didn’t feel much bigger than a large mug. But looks are deceiving. It can hold a lot more than it looks like it should. And I mean if you are so inclined I don’t see why you can’t drink out of it like a mug, not for me but hey you do you. RogueWave recommends not brewing more than 400ml into the Pitchii carafe but I have brewed up to 500ml into it without any issue. That being said I agree with their 400ml recommendation if you like to swirl your coffee before pouring. My main point is if you need two make a larger brew for 2 maybe 3 people you can pull it off on the Pitchii carafe.

Personally speaking, I like how it looks. Very simple with pleasant curves. My coffee station is next to my window and I enjoy the way it catches the light. The handle is comfortable to hold and probably the most important thing is it pours great. Smooth and consistent with little to no drip. The Pitchii carafe is also more durable than it looks. You wouldn’t want to drop it of course but clinking it here and there won’t be a worry. It is very much a product meant to be used and not coddled.

Something I wish it came with was some sort of lid. As someone who likes to make iced coffees and iced teas having a lid is nice so I can brew into the carafe itself and then put it directly into the fridge for when I need it. A lid would be a convenient edition.

Final Verdict

The Pitch Carafe is a carafe that is actively being used at a professional coffee shop. Using it myself for the last few weeks I can see why. It’s durable and does its job while looking good doing it.

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