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What I photograph for clients:

Portraits: Fashion, Family, Lifestyle, Engagement, Elopement

Event: Concert, Festival, Party, Business

Product: Food, Vehicle, Sales

Real Estate: Private and Commercial

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Photo Shoot Pricing

1 Hour Shoot - $300

$100 for every extra hour up to 3 hours

4 Hour Shoot - $500 

$100 for every extra hour up to 6 hours

Full Day (8 hours) - $1000

$50 for every extra hour up to 10 hours

I will do elopements but I do not do weddings.

Don’t worry too much about the extra hourly costs. If things run a little late on either end of the shoot I won’t charge you. (Within reason of course.) Just let me know ahead of time if you can. 

Travel expense - Free within Toronto, Scarborough, Markham. Additional cost for locations outside of the areas listed. Contact me with your location for an estimate. 

All shoot prices include retouching/editing. A USB or Hard drive with photos and videos can also be provided for no additional cost if requested. Otherwise will be sent over email.


If you want the entire shoot or part of it done on film it will cost an additional $80 per roll of film used. A roll is 36 shots/images. You can predetermine/pre-purchase how many rolls you would like for me to use and what part of the shoot you would like it used for. I will also be shooting digital along with the film for no additional charge.

I use professional film for my shoots but if you are willing I can use alternative film to save you $10 to $30 off per roll used depending on the film you pick.

The difference other than price is the general style and look of the film. Alternative film will actually look more "film like" than professional film which will look more natural and give me more room to edit and retouch. Where as with alternative film we kind of have to deal with what we get with less room to edit and retouch.

Photo Prints

I can provide photo prints from 2.5" x 3.5" Wallet size to 30" x 40" Poster size.

Prices start at $5 up to $200 per print depending on size.

Contact me for an estimate.

Edit/Retouch Only Pricing

$25 a picture.

Video edit costs vary based on request. Contact me for an estimate. 

Samples Of My Work




Real Estate: