Cafec Deep 27 Coffee Dripper Review

Cafec Deep 27 Coffee Dripper Review

Day one with the Cafec Deep 27. A very interesting brewer. Different from all the other brewers I own and have tried. It is marketed as an easy-to-use dripper for single-cup brews. The small opening pushes you to mostly do center pours over circular pours. Because of the shape of the Deep 27, you will need to buy specially made papers for it. This will lose some people who like switching up their standard-size papers with different brewers. 

I also found due to how tall the coffee bed is that you would want to grind coarser compared to other drippers. Grinding coarser also seems to help a lot with clogging and bypass. 

The result I’m getting in the cup is very tea-like. Low body but overall great balance with solid sweetness and acidity.

I’m not sure if it beats the Orea V3 or the Origami Air S for me but the results I’m getting taste great and are different enough to keep working with. 

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